Troop 60 volunteers at NRMC Steel Magnolia Run

Pierce Hyams lead participants in the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem.

Natchitoches Regional Medical Center annually sponsors the Steel Magnolia Run. Over the years, participants, sponsors, and volunteers have played an instrumental role in improving the health of the women of our community. NRMC Foundation is dedicated to funding advanced technologies, comfort improvements, and transportation . This year’s Steel Magnolia Run continues efforts to provide optimal care for Cancer patients in the Community.

Boyscout Troop 60 – 10 Mile Hike

Hiking is a challenging but fun-filled activity that’s very near to the heart of Scouting. If you’re hoping to become an expert hiker, earning your Hiking Marit badge will teach you everything needed to hike safely and physically prepare for any trek.

Troop 60 has completed their first of three 10- mile hikes.
  1. One 5-mile hike
  2. Three 10-mile hikes
  3. One 15-mile hike
  4. Take a hike of 20 continuous miles in one day following a hike plan you have prepared.

Troop 60 participates in flag retirement ceremony

Troop 60 with their memorial stars.

Special thanks to Kevin Shannahan for capturing these great images of the Inaugural John Masson Flag Retirement Ceremony. This collaborative effort was made possible by the Natchitoches VFW, American Legion, BSA Netami District, Troop 60 and the Natchitoches Lions Club.

Nicole Connell, District Executive for the Netami District of the Norwela Council

The event was attended by Mayor Ronnie Williams, Natchitoches Council Member and Mayor Pro Temp Betty Smith, Senator Louie Bernard and Sheriff Stuart Wright who presented Scouts with their memorial star.

The ceremony was also attended by scouts parents and families.