Geocaching May 24, 2021

Koda Deblieux, Troop 60 senior patrol leader and instructor, used the EDGE method to teach scouts how to use a GPS unit.
Scouts teamed up and designed their own Geohunts. They chose themes and set up a course with four waypoints. Noah, patrol leader, and Koda are setting waypoints on the GPS.
Scouts played the game and used GPS to locate caches. Grace locates one on an old tractor.
Grace, Griffen and Jacob carefully choose a location for placing their cache themed “survivor”.

Troop 60 service project

Troop 60 spent Saturday working at the local Food Pantry to refurbish three of their deep freezers.

The freezers were rusting on the inside threatening to shorten their use life.
Scouts sanded, cleaned and painted the freezers on the inside and outside
Scouts wore safety gear while working
Scouts assist with food distribution as an ongoing service project – this project is an extension of their support of this very important service to our community.