Chess Merit Badge, physical fitness and Service Hours—November 12, 2020

This week, Troop 60 began learning about the game of chess. Koda, as instructor, taught the scouts the history, benefits and strategy of the game. He reviewed the chess pieces, their moves, scoring and stages of the game.

As Patrol Leader, Noah discussed the importance of physical fitness and the various forms exercise can take and encouraged scouts to continue their work toward their physical challenge of logging 30 minutes of activity per day 5 days a week for 4 weeks. This is part of the requirement for rank advancement to second class.

…to keep myself physically strong…

Cane River Food Pantry

On Saturday scouts served the community by volunteering at the Cane River Food Pantry, assisting families in need during difficult times and in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

….to help other people at all times…

Court of Honor November 5, 2020

Troop 60 got creative and had a virtual Court of Honor this week. Scouts had surprise packages delivered with merit badges and awards included. We celebrated with a presentation which highlighted the scouts’ accomplishments and journey so far this year.

You can download the attached power point presentation. Once you download the document, open it and select slideshow, start from beginning and then click enter. Enjoy!

Troop 60 Court of Honor celebration

Opening packages/Merit Badges

Surprise Court of Honor packages