At the movies: activists, Whistle-Blowers and ordinary people.

Troop 60 met virtually again last night and had a very productive meeting. Scouts discussed lessons learned from the interview with Chris Paige, parish council member.

The troop then completed requirements for discussions of a movie assignment in which a citizen or group of citizens can have a positive affect on a community. The movies ranged from Wonder Woman to Angry Birds and all between. The lessons shared included incidents of people standing up for others at their own expense, that people can change for the betterment of the community over self. Some described people who stopped to help everyone, no matter how little or helped communities that were not their own. Stories were shared of teachers and coaches making a difference in the lives of students and students in the lives of teachers and peers. Excellent lessons about how an individual can make a difference.

Troop 60 discussed different charitable organizations and will research one that they are interested in and present their findings and experiences in volunteering next week.

Scouts selected a Class B uniform. Ordering information will be sent to parents soon.

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