Troop 60 2020 Youth Leadership Elections

Scouts elect their Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leaders, Instructor, Librarian, Quartermaster, and OA Rep can advocate to be selected by the SPL and PL when they organize Troop leadership.

Election is by secret ballot, counted by the Scoutmaster and Advancement Chair, who also break any tie vote. Once elected, the newly-elected SPL chooses an Assistant SPL, and they with two PLs will convene to organize the troop into two patrols and fill necessary positions, which will be the leadership structure through Summer Camp 2020.

The SPL appoints the assistant senior patrol leader, who works closely with the senior patrol leader to help the troop move forward and serves as acting senior patrol leader when the senior patrol leader is absent. Among the ASPL’s specific duties are to train and provide direction to the troop quartermaster, scribe, historian, librarian, instructors, and Order of the Arrow representative. An ASPL is not a member of a patrol but participates fully in all activities.

To be considered for one of these positions, you must be an active participant in our meetings and outings and commit to attending at least 75% of upcoming troop activities so the patrols can count on your leadership. You will have one minute to tell the troop why you should be elected to the leadership position you are running for, prior to the secret ballot, so prepare a brief speech about why you are a wise choice for a leadership position and how you will help your Troop and patrol.

After the newly elected SPL, ASPL, and PLs organize the troop into patrols, additional leadership positions are assigned:

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Koda Deblieux: Senior Patrol Leader and Instructor. Noah Martinez: Patrol Leader. Bo Brazil: Quartermaster.

The senior patrol leader is the top leader of the troop. With guidance from the Scoutmaster, SPL takes charge of troop meetings, the patrol leaders’ council, and troop activities, and does everything possible to help each patrol be successful. SPL is responsible for annual program planning conferences and assists the Scoutmaster in conducting troop leadership training. SPL presides over the patrol leaders’ council and works closely with each patrol leader to plan troop meetings and make arrangements for troop activities. An SPL is not a member of a patrol but participates fully in all activities.

The Instructor is both a leader and a mentor. Instructor should be an older scout who holds at least the First Class rank and can work well with younger scouts, helping patrol leaders to provide direction, coaching, and support to scouts working toward First Class within each patrol.

The patrol leader is the top leader of a patrol. The PL plays a key role in planning, leading, and evaluating patrol meetings and activities and prepares the patrol to participate in all troop activities. The PL learns about the abilities of other patrol members and fully involves them in patrol and troop activities by assigning them specific tasks and responsibilities. The PL encourages patrol members to complete requirements and sets a good example by continuing in personal advancement.

The Quartermaster is responsible for maintaining Troop equipment, keeping track of what is in the trailer, equipment condition, and requesting replacements or maintenance from the adult leadership committee when needed.

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Austin Dees OA Representative

The OA Representative must be a member of OA. The OA Rep communicates with OA members about outings, service, and other OA events. The OA rep also encourages non-OA members to meet OA requirements and helps organize OA elections when scouts qualify for OA.

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Allen Saba Librarian

The Librarian is responsible for maintaining the Troop library, keeping track of checked-out books and ensuring they are returned promptly and in good condition. The Librarian can also request the purchase of new Troop books with approval of the adult leadership committee.

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Jacob Miller Assistant Patrol Leader

The assistant patrol leader is selected by the Patrol Leader and leads the patrol in the PL’s absence.

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