Public Health Merit badge and virtual learning

As we face the global COVID-19 pandemic, Troop 60 is doing their part to comply with social distancing and to help flatten the curve. For three weeks we have met remotely and are having virtual meetings through Zoom.

Bo joining the meeting from his home

Scouts have been awesome and have quickly adjusted to this new meeting format. This week scouts researched and presented information on diseases that impact public health. Bo presented on West Nile virus, Grace on Zika Virus, Allen on Influenza, Koda on botulism, Austin on syphilis, and Jacob Smith on meningitis.

In addition, scouts have been working on meeting the requirements for scout and tenderfoot rank advancement. Koda Deblieux, Troop 60 Instructor, taught the requirements for Totin Chip, taught the Patrol Method and led the newest patrol in choosing a name, yell, emblem and flag.

Troop 60’s Flaming Poptart Patrol working together to design a digital version of their patrol flag.

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