Pulp and paper

1C2DCDFA-E401-4B7A-B0F9-2CD879F35F10This week, Nyle Parchin taught the history of papermaking and  the importance that paper products play in our society and economy. Scouts Learned about the pulp and paper industry, including the ways the industry plants, grows, and harvests it’s trees. How it manages its forests so that the supply of trees keeps pace with the demand and how the industry has incorporated the concepts of sustainable forest management (SFM).

Next week they will continue to learn about the paper industry as part of obtaining the Pulp and Paper merit badge. We are tentatively planning an outing for February 15th related to this merit badge and will discuss the details at next week’s meeting.
The scouts also discussed planning a camping outing for January 31st. At next week’s meeting they will finalize the details. We look forward to the next meeting and hope to see all of our scouts. 

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