Personal Management, Golf, and the Scoutmaster passes the patch!

Tonight Troop 60 Scouts completed their shared work on the Personal Management merit badge and now just have to complete the homework, tracking income and expenses and intentions to save money.

Jacob then began the Golf merit badge, which will be our focus when we return from Thanksgiving camp (there is no regular Troop meeting next Thursday).

Finally, Sarah gave her last official Scoutmaster Minute, thanking the Scouts for allowing her to witness their development over the last 5 years into leaders, campers, hikers, and kind, compassionate young people. Thank you!

Troop 60 celebrates our new Scoutmaster, Dawna!

Winter Camp attendees, be sure you are in touch with ASM Nick and have a great time at Winter Camp! Troop 60 returns to regular meetings December 5th. Happy Thanksgiving!

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