Reading is FUNdamental!

Tonight Scouts talked about the different genres of literature as the foundation for their Reading merit badge work, which will be completed at their school library and at home.

After a lively discussion of favorite books, reading habits, and the benefits of life-long learning with books, the Scouts turned to the domestication of wolves and humans that enabled the thousands-years-long relationships between dogs and people. Each Scout figured out which of the 7 official types of dogs their family pet is and talked about characteristics of those breeds. They then talked about the importance of housetraining, obedience, and socialization so their dogs can be good family members.

Next week, SPL Jacob will lead the Troop through more of the Dog Care merit badge!

Elections and leadership

Troop 60 Scouts successfully elected their leadership for the upcoming year, and Griffin handed off the SPL baton after coordinating position speeches and handing out ballots.

Congratulations to:
Jacob, SPL
Noah, PL
Koda, Instructor
Austin, OA Rep
Sawyer, Quartermaster
Grace, Librarian

Jacob and Noah, in their new roles, organized the troop and ran the remainder of the meeting as the new leaders, determining the outings and campouts and best dates for both for the rest of the year.

While the Youth Leadership worked out their plans and goals as a Troop, the Adult Leadership Committee organized the Scouts’ merit badge goals and lined up counselors to lead those MBs.

We will post the 2019-20 schedule soon!

Congratulations to all in Troop 60 for another successful leadership and planning meeting.

August 15th meeting: Welcome back!

Tonight Troop 60 reconvened after their July break and welcomed guests Nick, Neal, and Sonny to the meeting, now held at the FUMC building in the Bostick Room.

The SPL lead the Troop members through discussions about Troop leadership elections to be held next week, troop organization, and merit badge plans for the year.

Next week the Scouts will hold their leadership elections and finish planning their outings and adventures for the upcoming months. Hope to see everyone there!

August 15th meeting in our new location

Troop 60 returns to regular meetings on Thursday, August 15th, from 7-8 pm in our new location: Bostick Hall in the main First United Methodist Church building at 411 2nd Street. The Wesley Center was just sold.

At our first meeting, Scouts will discuss youth leadership positions, organize elections (which will take place on August 22nd), and begin planning their year’s activities, merit badges, and outings.

See everyone on Thursday!