Summer Camp

Troop 60 Scouts attending summer camp at Kinsey this week are having loads of fun despite the variable weather (Rain! Heat! More rain!).

Scout artists designed and drew their camp “Hairy Nosed Wombats Wearing Pants Patrol” flag–lots of talent in our troop!

They’ve also been doing shooting sports, nature, basketry, metal work, motor boats, personal fitness, reptiles and amphibians, welding, fishing, aviation, and lifesaving classes, and three scouts completed Red River Rifles.

Their SM is thrilled with the level of enthusiasm they are showing, especially our Troop “Scout Spirit” leader who cheerfully sings along with the camp songs.

We’re also proud of Austin, who is staffing camp this summer!

Last night, Scouts started a fire and made s’mores with pre-melted chocolate (it’s been HOT!).

This morning started with thunder and rain, but seems to be clearing up for another pretty day.

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