Programming January 31

Tonight Troop 60 Scouts met in Russell Hall, and Dr Perez gave them a hardware lesson: after showing them what a Raspberry Pi is, how to connect it, and how it takes the place of a CPU, the Scouts connected their RPs to the monitor, mouse, and keyboard in order to use them as a CPU.

The luddite Scoutmaster found all of this very complicated, but the Scouts had no problems disengaging wires, engaging wires, pushing buttons, finding inputs, and otherwise transforming traditional desktop computers into Raspberry Pi computers.

Then the Scouts were challenged to find the software menu and they discovered all of the various programs that come with the Raspbian operating system.

Then they began programming in Python.

Programming languages are very particular, so every character, space, and line has to be precise. Scouts also learned the importance of frequent saving, so nothing gets lost accidentally. Once they clicked to “run module,” they practiced debugging to find the errors.

Once Scouts got their programs to work, they changed one of the conditions to get a different outcome and then helped each other until everyone was successful in running their scripts.

Next week, we are back at the Wesley Center and will welcome Arrow of Light Webelos from Pack 20 to our meeting, so come looking sharp!

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