Court of Honor Celebration

December 13 was a special Court of Honor for Troop 60 Scouts and their families: nine youth received recognition for earning 27 merit badges and five rank advancements since our June Court of Honor, and John Parker Burrell was celebrated for joining the worthy group of young men who have achieved the highest BSA rank of Eagle Scout.

After receiving their own awards, Troop 60 Scouts participated in the Scout Law Candle Ceremony, lighting a candle for each of the 12 parts of the Scout Law from a Scout Spirit candle that represents the spirit of Scouting, a spirit that burns brightly in the heart of every Scout. Each Scout described the meaning of each word in the Scout Law: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent while lighting their representative candle.

Then, John Parker was recognized in speeches that reflected on the many ways he has shown how he rises to the great responsibilities of the Scout Oath and Scout Law with dedication, honor, and genuine leadership and is a model Scout and source of inspiration to others by his current and former Scoutmasters. He was then presented and pinned with his Eagle medal.

John Parker gave a speech expressing his gratitude for all that Scouting has provided him and the help he received on his Trail to Eagle from his family, his leaders, his church community, and his friends. He then pinned his parents and his mentors to show that appreciation: no one walks the Trail to Eagle alone.

It was a very special night that closed with a lovely reception of food, fellowship, and shared joy!

Kevin S has many pictures of far better quality available, so please reach out to him for access to those.

Troop 60 will return to regular meetings on January 10th. Have a festive, restive holiday season!

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