Troop 60 installs another Eagle Project!

In the cold morning hours of Saturday, November 10th, Troop 60 members were led in the installation of Griffin’s Eagle Project, assembling, placing, and filling 3 book exchanges in Ben Johnson Park, City Park, and Pierson & Mallett Park in Natchitoches and attaching the signs telling passers-by what Little Free Libraries are and who provided them.

Mayor Posey even came to offer his support and encouragement, and he praised the Troop’s service to the community. He is very enthusiastic about the Little Free Libraries and will help spread the word around Natchitoches.

Troop 60 has 3 more Life Scouts who are about to begin their Eagle Projects, which are important opportunities to practice leadership, service, planning, adaptation, implementation, and other valuable life skills. Congratulations to Griffin for finishing this stage of his trail to Eagle!

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