Catapaulting into new patrols!

The October 11th meeting of Troop 60 was a busy one! Scouts opened the meeting and then proceeded outside to discuss draw knife safety before taking turns in teams to strip the bark off pine staves in preparation for building a trebuchet.

Meanwhile, the new leadership elected last week broke out and organized the Troop into two patrols. Then, all the youth cleaned up and headed inside to break into their new patrols and decide on patrol names and yells. They are as follows:

The “Snowballs Patrol” includes PL Austin, APL Noah, Alex, Koda, and Cody. The “Bread Patrol” includes PL Stephen, APL Trey, Jack, Gabe, Sawyer, and Seth. Jacob is Instructor, Caleb ASPL, and Griffin SPL.

Next week Winter Camp Registration and payment are DUE to Danielle. The link to the registration form is available through the Norwela Council website or in parent email from the Scoutmaster.

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