September 27, 2018

After the ASPL opened the meeting, Troop 60 Scouts worked on tripod lashings in groups using the EDGE method. Then, the former-SPL-who-is-now-an-adult Eagle Scout (yay!) and the ASPL led discussions about Troop Elections next week. The Order of the Arrow Troop Representative shared the importance of honorable Scout spirit, camping, and the requirements for consideration to OA in anticipation of next weekend’s OA Ordeal. Three OA-elected Scouts from Troop 60 are candidates for their Ordeals next weekend, so wish them luck!

Finally, Scouts discussed what it means to be a “world citizen,” talked about different kinds of governments, and got to handle and examine passports from two different countries (complete with entry visas) as part of conversations about what a passport is, why having a passport is important, and what the different types of entry visas are that legitimize being in foreign countries.

Next week the Scouts will hold Troop elections to replace their now-adult Senior Patrol Leader and other troop leadership positions for the upcoming year. Being a citizen has obligations, as the Scouts are learning, and voting is one of them 🙂 Troop Elections are good practice!

Also, Troop 60 Scouts will be fundraising at Tractor Supply this Saturday, so reach out to the Popcorn Kernal Amanda if you need more information or just show up and help support the Troop!

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