Celebrations on September 20!

Troop 60’s Senior Patrol Leader, JP, successfully completed his Board of Review for the Eagle Scout Rank earlier this week! His paperwork is off to BSA national and we are so proud of him!

After our newest Eagle Scout opened the meeting, Scouts learned another lashing from the ASM and then each Scout used the EDGE method to educate, demonstrate, guide, and enable each other until all Scouts successfully lashed two poles together:

Then, JP shared with the Troop sage advice about becoming an Eagle and why it matters, his experience at the Board of Review, and his plans for the future, and encouraged all Troop 60 Scouts to work hard toward earning Eagle. He shared that only 4% of Scouts ever earn Eagle rank but that all have the opportunity to, and gave statistics about astronauts and pilots as examples of how becoming an Eagle Scout demonstrates good character and leadership in high-pressure careers.

Finally, our OA Representative announced the upcoming Fall Ordeal and Fellowship information and the Troop plans for upcoming election.

And then cake!

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO JP! We will have an official Eagle Scout Rank celebration once his certificate has been received, as befits an achievement like Eagle!

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