September 27, 2018

After the ASPL opened the meeting, Troop 60 Scouts worked on tripod lashings in groups using the EDGE method. Then, the former-SPL-who-is-now-an-adult Eagle Scout (yay!) and the ASPL led discussions about Troop Elections next week. The Order of the Arrow Troop Representative shared the importance of honorable Scout spirit, camping, and the requirements for consideration to OA in anticipation of next weekend’s OA Ordeal. Three OA-elected Scouts from Troop 60 are candidates for their Ordeals next weekend, so wish them luck!

Finally, Scouts discussed what it means to be a “world citizen,” talked about different kinds of governments, and got to handle and examine passports from two different countries (complete with entry visas) as part of conversations about what a passport is, why having a passport is important, and what the different types of entry visas are that legitimize being in foreign countries.

Next week the Scouts will hold Troop elections to replace their now-adult Senior Patrol Leader and other troop leadership positions for the upcoming year. Being a citizen has obligations, as the Scouts are learning, and voting is one of them 🙂 Troop Elections are good practice!

Also, Troop 60 Scouts will be fundraising at Tractor Supply this Saturday, so reach out to the Popcorn Kernal Amanda if you need more information or just show up and help support the Troop!

Celebrations on September 20!

Troop 60’s Senior Patrol Leader, JP, successfully completed his Board of Review for the Eagle Scout Rank earlier this week! His paperwork is off to BSA national and we are so proud of him!

After our newest Eagle Scout opened the meeting, Scouts learned another lashing from the ASM and then each Scout used the EDGE method to educate, demonstrate, guide, and enable each other until all Scouts successfully lashed two poles together:

Then, JP shared with the Troop sage advice about becoming an Eagle and why it matters, his experience at the Board of Review, and his plans for the future, and encouraged all Troop 60 Scouts to work hard toward earning Eagle. He shared that only 4% of Scouts ever earn Eagle rank but that all have the opportunity to, and gave statistics about astronauts and pilots as examples of how becoming an Eagle Scout demonstrates good character and leadership in high-pressure careers.

Finally, our OA Representative announced the upcoming Fall Ordeal and Fellowship information and the Troop plans for upcoming election.

And then cake!

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO JP! We will have an official Eagle Scout Rank celebration once his certificate has been received, as befits an achievement like Eagle!

September 13

Scouts met at the Wesley Center (our new permanent location) and began the meeting working on another type of lashing, using the EDGE method to teach and learn.

Then they broke into small groups and worked on Citizenship in the World requirement 4, each group reading about and discussing a different international organization before presenting the organization to the Troop. After listening to all the presentations, Scouts individually chose two of the organizations they found most interesting to write about in their workbooks.

To close the meeting, rank advancement patches and merit badges were presented to Scouts who have earned them recently to give speedy recognition for their hard work and accomplishments!

Finally, there is a POPCORN SALE service opportunity Saturday at the Meat Pie Festival from 12-4. Fundraising is so important to our annual planning and budget, so please let Amanda or Melanie M know if your Scout can help out this Saturday.

First Meeting at the Wesley Center a big success!

Troop 60 had their first meeting at the new location–the Wesley on University Parkway–and it was a great evening! Scouts learned and practiced square lashings and clove hitches individually and then using the EDGE method to assist other Scouts.

Then they broke into groups and those Scouts who have finished the Citizenship in the World merit badge led an overview of what it means to be a world citizen and the methods of becoming a U.S. citizen. They used question cards based on the Civics citizenship test to challenge each other about their knowledge of US government, the Constitution, and history.

Meanwhile, adult leaders discussed fall fundraising efforts and met with Scouts about their advancement records.


Last but certainly not least, three Scouts made exciting advancements! JP met for his Eagle rank Scoutmaster Conference; Stephen held his Life Board of Review; and Noah held his Second Class Board of Review! Congratulations to all!

Popcorn sales begin on Saturday, so be sure you’ve checked your email and signed up for a slot so your Scout can assist with our fundraising. Contact our Popcorn Kernal, Amanda, with any questions.