Kisatchie Backpacking Trip

On Friday, Troop 60 Scouts drove out to Kisatchie Bayou Campground and backpacked in all their gear for the night, quickly setting up camp at dusk and using personal cookstoves to make their suppers as evening fell and the forest became pitch black. Everyone turned in early in preparation for Saturday. Dawn broke slowly with lots of fog. Scouts broke camp, made breakfast, repacked their backpacking gear, and headed out to the Caroline Dorman Trail for a 6-mile hike.

The Scoutmaster was presented with a thoughtful gift before the hike began: a beautiful carved walking stick! It really helped navigate the slippery climbs and wet trails. (Thank you!)

(Even our canine companion carried a backpack!)

The trail was wet, but the Scouts and adult leaders slogged through with enthusiasm and made the 6-mile trek in a leisurely 3 hours, with rest breaks and snack stops. What a fun adventure!

Special thanks to Mark for planning this trip and to Garrett for joining us at the last minute. We couldn’t do it without your support!

February 15th

Lots of planning tonight: JP led the Scouts through the position details in preparation for next week’s troop leadership elections, when the Scouts will vote in their SPL and structure their patrol organizations through Summer Camp. Then they broke into groups to reiterate hiking safety: stick together, stay where you are if you get separated, slowest person in the front, don’t take shortcuts, etc.

Scouts attending the Backpacking trip this weekend should meet in the Church parking lot for a 4:00 pm departure. They must bring an updated and signed Activity Consent Form (if your Scout didn’t make it home with one, they are in Forms and Files). Scouts should have a backpack and all their gear, food, and water must be packed to carry in it.

Also, this Sunday is the Methodist Men’s Breakfast at 7:30 am in Bostick Hall at the church. This is the chance to share breakfast and talk about Scouting and our accomplishments since last year’s Scout Sunday. Please come! Parents and siblings are welcome. Wear your class A uniform and look sharp.

Order of the Arrow Elections

At Thursday night’s meeting, representatives from Caddo Lodge 149 came to oversee elections to Order of the Arrow, BSA’s honor society. Those elected by their peers into Order of the Arrow reflect the best of Scouting and cheerful service to others.

Caddo Lodge Chief Joseph Ligon explained to the Troop what OA is and what OA members do, and then passed out ballots with the names of Troop 60 Scouts who qualify for OA.

There will be a ceremonial call-out at a future meeting for those Scouts who were elected.

Then, in preparation for our next adventure, the backpacking trip, Mark displayed several different types of hiking backpacks and what needs to be packed and how for a successful overnight backpacking trip. The Scouts were amazed at how quickly their packs would weigh 25 pounds…

Scouts received a generic packing list with instructions about how best to adapt that to Louisiana hiking, discussed gear, and talked about the primitive aspects of next weekend’s adventure. Please help your Scout be prepared for the trip! They know what they need, so have a conversation with your child about backpacking efficiently and smartly.

A few reminders: Troop 60 has a service opportunity this Saturday at Cane River Food Pantry from about 8:30-10ish. Please be sure there is an adult leader present before leaving your Scout at the site, and stay close for a prompt pick-up.

Also, Troop 60 has been invited to the annual Methodist Men’s Scout Sunday breakfast on February 18th at 7:30 am. The MM organization is a big supporter of BSA and Troop 60, so please plan to bring your Scout in Class A uniform and have a wonderful breakfast that morning, in our regular meeting room.

February 1st

This week’s meeting opened with a uniform inspection and discussion of what having and wearing a uniform means (and what it means to be a Scout). Iditarod participants talked about their weekend adventure and the competition, and we made plans for our own race-style skill challenge in coming weeks.

Then, Troop 60’s Order of the Arrow representative explained the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s Honor Society, and how to qualify for election.

Elections for the Spring fellowship and ordeal in April are next week, so Scouts are encouraged to attend and vote for the Scouts who best exemplify the Scout Oath, Law, and cheerful service to others. Scout Handbooks were updated with recent camping and service hours, and the Troop talked about the upcoming backpacking trip.

And while all this was going on, one Scout passed a Board of Review.

Congratulations to our newest Star Scout, Stephen!