2018 Iditarod Fun!

Since 1949, Boy Scout troops have participated in annual Iditarod sled races and Scout skills events, and this year was another fun and exciting adventure! Six Scouts from Troop 60 Natchitoches participated in the Norwela Council Iditarod and brought home two first place ribbons and two second place ribbons!

The first clue led to a fire starting station where each group raced to get a fire started quickly using whatever of the wet camp area they could.

After the flames were well established, the boys received their second clue and raced off to the next station, where they cut through a pine log in record time using a cross-cut saw and chanting cadence. Using great teamwork and scout spirit, Troop 60 Scouts brought home their first blue ribbon with this event!

The next clue led to a test of first aid knowledge, and then off to a leadership and communication exercise where the Scouts had to fold a tarp while standing on it, blindfolded, listening to the instruction of one sighted youth. Again, their great teamwork led to another first place finish with the fastest time for the most folds without falling off.

Next Troop 60’s clue led them to a big open field where their compass and orienteering skills were put to the test. Pulling their loaded sled and still full of positive energy, they arrived ready to pace out an accurate route along several turns and earned second place in this event. Nice job!

The final station required them to build a useful camp gadget using what they had on the sled and several pieces of loose wood, and within a minute they had a functioning wooden rope swing and a gleeful Scout swinging with a second place win.

What a great weekend of camping, cooking, playing chess and cards, and enjoying the best benefits of Scouting! Congratulations to Troop 60 for their hard work and FUN this weekend!

January 25th: Preparing for Iditarod

Tonight Troop 60 did the final prep for their weekend campout and Iditarod race by checking the sled, planning their menu and KP duties, making a grocery list, and finalizing their packing lists.

Scouts going on the Iditarod campout this weekend: we depart promptly at 4:00 tomorrow (Friday) from the church parking lot and will return Sunday morning. Campers will contact parents on Sunday when we depart so you know when to expect our return.

Scouts, remember to be prepared! It will be a chilly weekend, so pack wisely.

January 18th

What an exciting meeting! Patrols broke out for a relay-style knot-tying competition race:

T60 1.18.18t60 1.18.18 3

After a tie-breaking tie tying playoff event, the Barracudas WON when JP tied his tie in 11 seconds flat! Steven was only seconds behind. Great work, teams!

t60 1.18.18 4t60 1.18.18 5

Next week we will plan for the menu for Iditarod–Scouts will be cooking their own food, so there’s planning and list-making to be done (the SM will shop after the menu is planned and will collect money from participating Scouts for their portion of the groceries). We will also check the sled and discuss packing lists (although you can always see the suggested lists in the Boy Scout Handbook or in Forms and Files).

Have a great chilly weekend!

Welcome Back!

Last night Troop 60 Scouts returned from Winter Break excited to start a new year of fun and adventures! After a parent meeting to discuss the new Troop 60 Handbook 2018 (also linked in our Files and Forms page) and Troop 60 Calendar 2018 (also posted in the Events and Calendar page), Scouts practiced knots using the EDGE method.


Two Scouts also sat their Board of Review: Please join me in congratulating John Martinez and Caleb Martinez, our new LIFE Scouts! 🙂