November 30th

Next week (December 7th) is our Court of Honor and then we break until January 11th, so this was our last regular meeting of the year. The Troop opened with the flag ceremony and recitation of the Pledge, Oath, Law, and Troop 60’s Big 3 as usual, and then added the Motto, Slogan, and Outdoor Code to the opening ceremony.

During the meeting, Scouts used their time wisely, breaking into patrols and leading newer Scouts through any remaining requirements in knot tying and other EDGE-method requirements.

One Troop member bravely approached the Scoutmaster for his first Scoutmaster Conference and is now officially a Scout! And another approached the Advancement Chair requesting a Board of Review and has been advanced to Life Scout! Congrats to both for their hard work and accomplishments.

Remember that next week is our twice-yearly Court of Honor, where Scouts are recognized and celebrated for their leadership, camping and other adventures, advancements, merit badges, and other accomplishments since the last CoH. Please bring a food, beverage, or other contribution to help the celebration be merry! Amanda is coordinating if you have any questions.

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