Winter Camp Adventures!

Nine Scouts went to a chilly but dry (yay!) Camp Turkey this year. Scouts worked on merit badges including First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Citizenship in the Nation and World, Crime Prevention, Fingerprinting, Emergency Preparedness, Metalworking, Woodworking, Robotics, Rifle Shooting, Electricity, Electronics, Public Speaking, Farm Mechanics, and Chess, and our newest Scout attended Trail to First Class. Whew! Two of our leaders taught courses, too: Public Speaking and Crime Prevention/Fingerprinting. Luckily, it didn’t rain this year, and even though it got cold (down to 34*), it didn’t get below freezing so no Frost Points this time.

Scouts did a great job with leadership and teamwork, too, helping each other with the Duty Roster chores and getting their business done.

Many more pictures will be shared at our Court of Honor, which has been moved to DECEMBER 7th so that the many Scouts in orchestra won’t miss it. Amanda is our organizer, so please see her next week about planning your family’s contribution to the CoH celebrations.

November 16th, 2017

Troop 60 broke into patrols and did another quick reminder about what to pack and how to prepare for the campout this weekend, assuring the new Scouts that the cold and rain will be fun! Just pack lots of socks and spare shoes. These kids are tough!

Then they talked about how to write a proper letter to our senators or representative last night, and the Patrol Leader shared his example letters and discussed recent news issues. After brainstorming topics, the Scouts had a chance to draft their letter. These should be revised and mailed to complete item 8 in the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge requirements.

Scouts attending Camp Turkey need to meet at the parking lot on Saturday by noon with all of their gear; we will take the van up to Garland Scout Ranch for a fun-filled long campout!

November 2nd

Troop 60 attended the 8th Annual NSU Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Cultural Studies’ “Fall Read,” held at the Henchey Gallery in Magale Hall. The Gallery was decorated with Dia de los Muertos ancestor alters made by students in Spanish classes and literary dioramas made by students in English classes, and the Criminal Justice Club forensics students created a crime scene for visitors to explore. Scouts and other attendees heard literature in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic: a celebration of the multicultural diversity of our great nation.

pic 1

Scouts also learned to fold cranes as part of the 1000 Prayers for Peace and lifted the folded prayers in a bonfire.


A gentle reminder: due to the horse’s busy calendar, we will be rescheduling the Horsemanship outing for another weekend. Our schedule will be updated and parents notified when we have a new date.