October 26th

Troop 60 went on walkabout for the first part of the meeting, touring the Natchitoches Historic District and three of its oldest landmarks: the old Courthouse, Immaculate Conseption, and the Prudhomme-Roquier House, which is the only known example of a genuine two-story bousillage building in the United States. 

Then Scouts discussed what they learned and wrote up their comments. 

They received the mailing addresses of their senators and representative and should be thinking about what they would write about to their congressional representatives.

This Saturday at 8:00, Scouts will meet with the Kiwanis Club at Ross Williams Park at 1401 Dean St as part of the “4 in 4” Service project to clean up local parks. Scouts should come in class B uniform, and will receive gloves, grabbers, and trash bags when they arrive. A parent needs to remain to transport their Scout between parks.

Monday night Troop 60 is putting on a flag ceremony at the Masonic Lodge. Please help your Scout arrive in Class A uniform by 5:45 at 110 Masonic Drive (left off Keyser past Walmart). Dinner will be served at 6.

Next week we meet at Magale Recital Hall for the Fall Fest events! 

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