October 5th Meeting

A representative from Alliance Compressors made a generous donation to Norwela Council tonight, and Troop 60 is grateful for the company’s support of Boy Scouts! Watch the local papers for a write up and picture, and please join us in thanking Alliance Compressor for their support of Scouting.

Our Senior Patrol Leader began tonight’s meeting by opening discussion with the patrol members about troop behavior expectations. The Scouts came up with a great list of expectations for every Scout that they called the Big Three: 

  1. Hands Off! Roughhousing or other physical contact is inappropriate.
  2. Respect other people.
  3. Respect property and the environment. 

Every member of Troop 60 agrees to abide by these rules.

In the rest of the meeting, the SPL led the group through a discussion of the Bill of Rights and their impacts on the lives of Americans. Great conversations arose around the question of how things might be different without the rights articulated in the first amendments of the Constitution!

Scouts were told to work on item 3 at home, as follows: Watch the national evening news or read the front page of a major daily newspaper five days in a row. Discuss the national issues you learned about with your counselor. Choose one of the issues and explain how it affects you and your family. 

Using your booklet spaces for item 3, write about what you discovered is important to the United States in the news and be prepared to share with your patrol next week.

Finally, a gentle reminder that this Saturday is anotehr popcorn fundraiser, this time at the Brookshires on Keyser from 10-2. Please wear your Class A uniform shirt and help with this important fundraiser!

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