Popcorn Sales!

Saturday September 30th was the first day of popcorn sales for Troop 60–our biggest fundraiser for the year! We are so grateful to the Natchitoches community for buying popcorn and supporting our Troop today at the Brookshires on the bypass. 

Next Saturday we will set up a table at the Brookshires on Kyser, and the following Saturday at Walmart. Thanks to our Popcorn Kernal, Amanda, for a great first day of fundraising!

September 28th

Scouts continued learning about the creation of our unique form of government and the ways that their lives might be different without the colonies’ rebellion against Great Britain and the foundational documents of our country. Please help your Scout review the Bill of Rights (in their Constitution books) and complete 4d 1-10 if they didn’t at the meeting (Scouts should have  items 1, 4 a-d, and 5 complete by now).

Scouts were reminded that this Saturday is our first popcorn sale day! Please come on Saturday to the Brookshires on the bypass from 10-2 IN UNIFORM to help raise needed funds for our Troop.

Also, next week a representative from Alliance Compressors will be donating to our Council during the Troop meeting. Please make sure your Scout is wearing his class A uniform for the photograph. Let’s look smart!

Camp Turkey registration is ongoing. Registration forms are linked in last week’s post and in Forms above and can be mailed directly to the Council office.

Finally, Troop 60 received a lovely “thank you” from Dr Chris Hynes, NSU Advance Program director, which is shared below. I’m proud of these Scouts and all they do for our community!

Dear Troop 60,

I wanted to thank you and the Boy Scout Troop 60 volunteers for helping NSU-ADVANCE move out of the dormitories at the end of our program. I received a lot of complimentary feed-back from parents and staff.

Troop 60 exemplified the Boy Scout virtue of “DUTY TO OTHER PEOPLE: Many people need help. A cheery smile and a helping hand make life easier for others. By doing a Good Turn daily and helping when you’re needed, you prove yourself a Scout and do your part to make this a better world.” You truly helped out those in need by the giving of your time and energy (and sweat!)

Helping young students move out of the dormitory may not seem like a huge worldly thing, but the grass-roots effort of Troop 60 was greatly appreciated.

Thank you ALL!!


Chris Hynes, Ph.D.

Director, NSU’s ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars

September 21

Important note: it’s time to sign up for Winter Camp! The Camp Turkey registration form is attached HERE and posted in our Forms list. Registration forms can be sent directly to the Council. Note that your Scout’s medical form must be up to date and with the Scoutmaster to attend Camp.

At this week’s meeting, Scouts discussed what makes the United States of America a unique nation and how our shared values of liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness and our citizenship obligations are explicated in our founding documents. Each Scout received their own pocket sized copy of the United States Constitution, too!


The Troop is working on the Citizenship in the Nation badge and will continue doing so for the next weeks. If your Scout missed the meeting, he can get his Constitution and the handouts for Citizenship in the Nation when he next comes.

September 14th

The countdown to expired Cyber Chips was on, so Scouts recharged their Chips and helped new Scouts earn the important online safety and anti-bullying protection chip. Any T60 Scouts who missed the meeting can recharge or earn their chip using the information at this link: http://www.scouting.org/cyberchip.aspx. Print and sign your form and bring it to Melanie next time.

We also heard an inspiring talk from our “Popcorn Kernel,” Amanda, who reported to the Troop our fundraising plans and dates and handed out popcorn order forms. We will be fundraising at Brookshires on the bypass Sept 30 from 10:00-2:00; at Brookshires on Kyser Oct 7 from 10:00-2:00; and at Walmart Oct 14 from 12:30-4:30. The Scouts want to do a lot of exciting activities this year, so let’s support our Troop!

We met a new potential Scout, Seth, who came to visit our meeting. Welcome Seth!

Finally, the tentative schedule through December is posted in the “Events and Calendar” tab above. We still have some finalizing to do, but that’s a broad overview of our plans this fall.

Hope to see everyone next week for another great meeting!

September 7th, 2017

Troop 60 spent the meeting planning for future events: first, they carefully sorted donated flags in preparation for a big retirement ceremony, separating the cotton flags, which can be safely burned, from the nylon and poly flags, which cannot. Then,  because the Hodges Garden campout storm resulted in a number of torn flys and broken poles, Scouts set up all of the Troop 60 tents to determine which are still in usable condition and realized that only five tents are adequate. Yikes!

During the meeting, JP had his Board of Review for Star rank! Please join me in congratulating him. 🙂

Popcorn sales begin soon, and Scouts will receive their order forms next week from our Popcorn Kernal, Amanda. Thanks Amanda for your service to our Troop! Fundraising is vital to our success.

Last but not least, tomorrow (Saturday) is the monthly service opportunity at the Cane River Food Pantry beginning at about 8:30 am. Hope to see everyone there!