August 17, 2017: Welcome back, Scouts!

Last night Troop 60 reconvened after the summer break, and what a great night! After visiting with each other about their summer adventures and the new school year, Scouts got down to business learning about the solar eclipse next week. They learned about what causes both solar and lunar eclipses, learned about rotation and revolution, used NASA maps to discover what percentage of totality will occur over Natchitoches, and talked about SAFETY! It is very important not to look at the sun, ever, even during a partial eclipse, so Scoutmaster Sarah gave each Scout eye protection that’s safe for direct solar viewing (thank you Natchitoches Parish Library for the generous donation of lenses to Troop 60!). Just to make sure the safety message hit home, Melanie showed the Troop what happens to eyeballs after looking at the sun. Yikes!

Participating Scouts will earn the Eclipse patch after the Monday eclipse event.

Troop 60 is now meeting regularly again each Thursday from 7-8 pm at FUMC. Interested potential Scouts are welcome to join us!

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