June 1, June 15

June meetings have been great fun! June 1st, Scouts learned the proper way to sharpen different tools as part of their Woodworking merit badge, under the careful attention of the many adult volunteers who help keep Troop 60 going (thank you all!):


Then, on June 8th, Scouts discussed Summer Camp preparations, packing lists, and other details of their upcoming campout.

On June 15, Scouts broke into their patrols to build projects as part of the service aspect of the Woodworking badge. The Barracudas were first to complete their woodworking project and the Hammerheads stayed a bit late to wrap up theirs:



Lots of fun was had by all!

This Sunday, Scouts attending Summer Camp need to be in the parking lot at noon with their gear, ready to go! If you need another copy of the packing list, it’s in the Summer Camp guide linked above in Forms and Files.

Finally, our Court of Honor is coming up June 29th and then we break until August. Be sure you’ve let Jenn A. know what you’ll be bringing to our celebration of all the Scouts’ hard work.

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